This is a personal post, rather than a technical one.

Google Have Announced the Shuttering of Google+

This is old news, having happened late last year.

How it Affects Me

Google+ has been my preferred social media since it launched. I’ve spent years curating a feed of smart, interesting people, and made some friends along the way. Now everyone is scattering to the winds; a lot are ending up at MeWe, among a slew of other places.

It will take a long time to build up a similarly curated community.

My Reaction

When Google announced the shutdown of Inbox, Mike Elgan called it Google taking “another swipe at its most passionate users”.

And now, regarding Google+, JR Raphael says “Google’s most enthusiastic users have good reason to be wary”.

I’ve joined this large and growing crowd who’ve lost their trust in Google. I look at their new product announcements, and even their current projects, and wonder which ones will last, and which will have the rug pulled out from under their feet? What is the future for Flutter? Will anything happen with Fuschia?

What about Firebase? Will it continue in its current form? Will it lose some lightly used features? Ones that are extrememly valuable if you’re in the minority who need them?

I was considering a new Android project recently, and found myself browsing Microsoft’s Azure pages, seeing what they had to offer. Microsoft, you need a “Firebase to Azure” migration guide.

Joy of Tech #2555

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