Flutter Holobooth - First Look

As part of the lead up to Flutter Forward, Very Good Ventures and the Flutter team have released the Holobooth app, along with a blog post describing how it works, and the source code.

I intend to examine the source, and see what I can learn, and post my learnings here.

First Look

Web Only

Web is the only target configured. Mobile and desktop are not supported.


There’s a test directory, containing tests for each directory in lib. All tests pass, with 100% coverage of lib.

There is no integration_test directory, and no integration tests.


There’s a packages directory, containing multiple packages, indicating modular code with (hopefully) high cohesion and low coupling. Each package has its own tests.

The camera, camera_web and screen_recorder packages are forked, and pubspec.yaml depends on the forks in the VGVentures git repositories. All other packages appear to be specific to the app.

Mason, very_good_cli

I’m aware of brickhub.dev and mason, but am yet to investigate or use them.

very_good_cli is an opinionated cli tool for Flutter and Dart projects, by Very Good Ventures. It’s opinionated, and (last time I looked) favours bloc, while I favour riverpod, so I’ve ignored it. Time for another look.


Holobooth is localized, but only app_en.arb is provided, giving the community opportunity to contribute. Instructions are in README.md.

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