Graphing ISP Quota Usage with Cacti

Graph your monthly internet quota with Cacti.

Graph of monthly quota usage
Monthly Quota Usage


Download or fork it here.


  1. Python and the BeautifulSoup library are required.

  2. Copy get-isp-quota into <path_cacti>/scripts/get-isp-quota

  3. Copy ISP_Quota.conf to /etc/cacti/ISP_Quota.conf, and change ownership and permissions so that Cacti can read it, and no other user can. Edit it to contain username and password for the ISP accounts you want to monitor.

  4. Click on Import Templates after opening Cacti in your web browser and select the xml file.

    Important: Make sure “Use custom RRA settings from the template” is selected

    Click on save to import the template.

  5. Create a host and a graph in the usual way, supplying the index ID from the ISP_Quota.conf file.


  • Currently the only ISP supported is, and unmetered data and uploads are set to zero until the Internode tools are updated to return this data.

    Please send me patches for other ISPs; or fork my GitHub repository and make your changes there.

  • get-isp-quota is a Python program, and should run on Windows with minimal modification (change the location of the ISP_Quota.conf file).