Development Notices Privacy Policy

Development Notices uses the following libraries and services that may collect personal information:

  • Crashlytics
  • Android location service
  • Firebase Analytics

Development Notices does not collect any personal information, neither is it my intention to do so. Crash reporting software such as Crashlytics has the potential to collect personal or private information, but as the app does not collect this, it remains moot.

Development Notices uses Android’s location services to obtain the user’s approximate location (coarse location) in order to open showing the notices in the surrounding area. Disabling this will not affect the app, instead the app will show a map of Australia at startup.

Analytics is used to determine, for example, points of difficulty in using the app. e.g. Do users open the app and not interact with the map? If so, how can we inform them what is possible, but perhaps not clear or obvious?